The Fashion Fiend's Illustrated French Dictionary: Miniskirt

The miniskirt is nothing new - even before it went viral in the Swinging Sixties and became a fashion staple, short skirts are known to have been worn as far back as ancient Egypt.  The British designer Mary Quant is credited with adding "miniskirt" (officially defined as no longer than 4" below the bum!) to the fashion lexicon in 1964, naming it after her favorite car, the Mini. Around the same time, French designer André Courrèges, inspired by the Space Age, was popularizing the minijupe on the Continent. In truth, both designers were finding inspiration on the street, as fashion began to break free of the propriety and rigidity then defined by haute couture.

Summer (how it is flying by!) is obviously the perfect time to break out the mini to show off those tan legs, though super fans can continue wearing it all year round thanks to opaque stockings!