The Fashion Fiend's Illustrated Guide to Chanelisms

As anyone in fashion knows, Coco Chanel is "the mother of us all" as far as modern fashion is concerned. She did more than anyone else to advance the idea of easy basics (striped jersey, anyone?) at a time when most women were trussed up in corsets and petticoats. 

Although I may not admire everything about Mademoiselle, I do respect any woman who has the guts to say what she thinks in a world where we are still judging women based on superficial nonsense (Serena Williams is a champion for a reason, y'all).

I hear criticisms of the fashion world from my non-fashion friends all the time, and while there is much to dislike about how the industry packages and even exploits people, it has also produced many creative geniuses like Coco Chanel, who by liberating women's fashion to be practical and chic did much for our emancipation. 

Unfortunately, Karl Lagerfeld does not treat his mandate as the inheritor of Chanel's legacy with the respect it deserves, in my opinion. His fashion shows are literally a circus and the clothes... Oy! His recent haute couture show was no exception, being an example of excessive narcissism on his part. But when he truly sticks to the house codes, as with this elegant midnight chiffon evening dress, he manages to get it right at least some of the time...