The Fashion Fiend, Explained.

The Fashion Fiend is a person who cannot get enough of fashion, who sees fashion everywhere the movies, on the subway, in history books... and counts the minutes to the next Fashion "Week" (it's a month, actually, but who's counting?), dying for another fix!

In my case, I have been illustrating fashion for as long as I can remember (starting with shoes at the age of 4). After college I got a little side-tracked along the way, working first as a designer and then as a product technology consultant. Now I am rediscovering my childhood love of drawing - and gaining a new profession - thanks to the iPad, which I use to turn my hand-sketches into colorful digital "paintings". The Fashion Fiend's "Illustrated Guides" are my outlet for all this latent creativity bursting to life!

This is a blog dedicated to all the Fashion Fiends like me out there who see the world through fashion-colored glasses. Thanks for stopping by!